Japan Taekwondo Association Reply to the player's opinion. Next month, we will discuss it on September 18. 20:34

In response to Taekwondo's governing body, the All-Japan Taekwondo Association, which was held at the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese representative candidate players submitted their written opinions asking them to review their reinforcement policies. And announced the idea of ​​having a meeting place with the players in early next month.

In June, Taekwondo's Japanese representative candidate and others submitted a written opinion to the association for review of this year's strengthening plan created by the “All-Japan Taekwondo Association”. Is now available on the association's website.

First of all, regarding the reason why the response was greatly delayed from the deadline that the player side had set at the end of June, the association explained that it was originally scheduled to be shown in July because the strengthening system needed to be reviewed and the procedure took time. did.

In addition, we responded to each of the player's seven opinions.
Of these, regarding the fact that adjustments were requested under the coach of the affiliated company before and after the official tournament, "I think that it is possible to consider coordinating with the coach of the affiliated company" , The coach of the Japanese national team went to the players' affiliation and exchanged opinions, etc.

Also, regarding the hope that voluntary training camps should be voluntary once a month, “There seems to be an opinion that there are insufficient opinions regarding how to share the training camp schedule, etc. I answered.

Based on these answers, the association clarified the idea of ​​establishing a meeting place with the athletes on the 1st of next month.

Concerns about this issue continued due to questions about the association's policy and other reasons, and there were a number of athletes who had forgotten to participate in the training camp, and the initial schedule of one week had to be reduced to four days. It was.

Association “Explain in detail to players”

The All-Japan Taekwondo Association said, “There are some opinions that it is difficult to understand from a few players, but there was a part that was inevitably abstracted in writing. I would like to explain in detail on the floor and establish a better reinforcement policy. ”

Athlete Committee “Understanding of players is important”

Chairperson Miho Takahashi of the “Athlete Committee”, which plays a role in summarizing and strengthening the opinions of athletes at the All-Japan Taekwondo Association, said, “In the future, athletes and the association will have a meaningful discussion. It is important that the players understand the answers, but there are some things that are said to be difficult to understand from the players, and in some cases I would like more information from the association. ”

One of the players “Nothing is going on”

Regarding the published answer, one of the players told NHK's interview that “the answer is not yes or no, just“ I ’ve done it ”or“ I ’m gonna do it ”, and it ’s an impression that nothing has gone on. I just try to change it, but I can't convey my feelings. "