Japan Table Tennis Women's National Team go to 3 consecutive tournaments final Asian Championship September 17 18:57

The Asian table tennis championship held in Indonesia held the semi-final of the women's group on the 17th, and Japan won Taiwan and advanced to the final for three consecutive tournaments.

The Asian table tennis championship in Indonesia was held on the 17th day of the third day of the tournament, and a semi-final of the women's group was held. Japan played against Taiwan.

The group is contested in 5 singles matches, and the team that wins 3 first wins. Miu Hirano, the 9th-ranked player in the world ranking in the first game, dropped the first game against the 23rd-ranked player in the world, but the second game returned the loose ball everywhere and missed the opponent's timing. Showed skillful attacks and took 11-9. After this, we decided to take the forehand as a tough course, and took two games in succession to win the game count 3: 1.

Japan won the world's eighth place Yoshizumi Ishikawa and the world's 19th place Hitomi Sato, defeating Taiwan 3-0 and deciding to advance to the final for the third consecutive tournament.

In the final on the night of the 17th, we will play against China, which has won six consecutive tournaments.

Mr. Hirano expressed his enthusiasm, "First of all, we were able to come to the final.

Ishikawa said, “I feel like it ’s the final, so I ’d like to take it with me.”

Sato said, “I want to prepare for the start dash from the beginning with the feeling of a challenger.”