Last Saturday, Örebro started SHL with a rally victory in the hot rivalry with Färjestad. Match hero: two-goal shooter Mathias Bromé. And on Tuesday night he presented himself in the best way for home audiences with a classic "Foppa goal" that almost got the roof to lift in a sold-out and boiling Behrn arena.

Chose Örebro

The 24-year-old, who accounted for 35 points (15 + 20) on 52 SHL games for Mora this past season, has been promoted to several SHL clubs and also received an offer from the NHL - but chose to invest further in Örebro.

The introduction was fast-paced and goals were created in both directions - but the first period remained speechless as both teams' goalkeepers played big between the posts. Joel Lassinantti who last season was named the goalkeeper of the year in SHL, as did Örebro's new acquisition Dominik Furch for several sharp saves.

Early in the second period, Luleå received a payout in powerplay when forward Robin Kovacs sent the puck into the net roof behind Dominik Furch in the Örebrokassen, quite undisturbed.

But twelve minutes into the period, Behrn's arena exploded when Mathias Bromé made the classic Foppa goal as he cheated the puck with a backhand behind Joel Lassinantti after being cleared from his own zone.

"Time to think"

- It was neat. After all, I was almost free of my own blue, so I get time to think, Bromé told C More after the second period.

Then, with some criticism, he added:

- We hunt the most, I don't think we hold the puck as much as we should. We dump and then we just go. We need to be a little smarter.

But seven minutes into the third period, Glenn Gustafsson made a point as he shoved 2-1 to the home team. Örebroforward, who had trouble with the goalscorer last season, has now scored two goals when he also found the right against Färjestad.