It was in Paris 2003 that a Swedish men's wrestler was last placed at the top of the podium, when Martin Lidberg in the 96-kilos class.

When the World Cup final is decided in Kazakhstan during Tuesday afternoon, the 77-kilos class applies.

- I'm ready. There is a maximum of six minutes of wrestling left. All the time and all the training I have put in. It's only six minutes tomorrow. Then of course everything can happen, says Alex Bjurberg Kessidis to SVT Sport.

Don't want to think too much about the gold chance

The wrestler from Stockholm was close to medal at the 2017 World Cup, but lost the battle for third place against Serb Viktor Nemes. However, bronze was at the European Games earlier this year, when Kessidis defeated Turkey's Yunus Bazaar on a fall on lead 12-3.

What would it be like to be at the top of the podium?

- Okay, shit. I don't want to think too much about it. We shall see. It had been ... ah, shit ... I don't really know how it felt.

"So I'll win as well"

The opponent is an "old fox" in this context. 32-year-old Tamas Lorincz from Hungary has several international medals in the collection, including a silver from the London 2012 Olympics, but has never taken a World Cup gold.

- I actually beat this Hungarian a month ago at the German GP. So I'll win, like. That is just what matters. Since I won the last match, I must probably become a favorite then. If you see it that way, Kessidis says.

The semi-final won the Swedish wrestler impressively on Monday, when he defeated Karapet Chalyan from Armenia by 5-2.

- If I wrestle as I did yesterday and have the same thinking, I will become a world champion.