Stuhr Ellegaard received the message last Friday and did not accompany Elfsborg to the meeting with AFC in Eskilstuna on Monday. Officially it was said that stomach upset was behind the absence but it was something else.

- I didn't feel well. Not anywhere. The body reacted strongly, the head was out. It would not have been fair to anyone to play, says Stuhr Ellegard to Borås Tidning.

The goalkeeper has received an oral message that he would receive a contract over the next year and also get a role in the club after his active career, which is now not fulfilled.

"I've done everything for Elfsborg"

- I have family, house and two months left on the contract. I've done everything for Elfsborg and always put Elfsborg first, is this the respect you deserve after eight years at the club? asks Stuhr Ellegaard.

He also goes for a hard attack against coach Jimmy Thelin.

- Jimmy is afraid of strong personalities. But you can't treat people anyway, says Stuhr Ellegaard.

Stuhr Ellegaard says you had an extension agreement in July, but that you withdrew the offer after he agreed. Is it true?

- That is not really the case, but I cannot comment on our negotiations in the media. We had discussions with Kevin's agent during the year and finally we landed in this decision, says club manager Stefan Andreasson to Borås Tidning.