Swimming Olympics selection criteria Breaking the standard record in the Japanese Championship and within 2nd place September 16 19:53

The Japan Swimming Federation has decided that the criteria for selecting the Japanese national team for the Tokyo Olympics will be the second-ranked athlete who has exceeded the new standard for dispatching in the next year's Japan Championship based on the world situation. I made it clear.

This was made clear by the Japanese Swimming Federation Chairman Tsuyoshi Aoki and the Chairman of the Swimming Committee, Mr. Hiramasa Hirai, who held a conference in Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where sports such as national swimming are held.

According to this, the representative selection of individual events for the Tokyo Olympics competition will be a so-called “one-shot game” that will give the second-ranked player who broke the dispatch standard record in the Japanese championship next April.

The dispatch standard record is a unique standard established by the Japan Swimming Federation to select athletes who are expected to advance to the finals at the Olympics, and the selection criteria have been shown in advance from the 2004 Athens Olympics selection.

The selection criteria for the Tokyo Olympics, such as the time of the athlete who entered the eighth place of the semi-final at the July World Championship, was set.

According to the Federation, the selection criteria so far set the record based on the world rankings of the most recent multiple years, but this time it was a part that was higher than the actual final advance line, this time It is a form that more reflects the world situation.

Mr. Hirai said, “There was a conflict in changing the grounds for setting, but I thought it would be good time for more people to understand.”

In addition, the Japan Swimming Federation has decided that the athlete who won the gold medal at the July World Championship will be selected as the Tokyo Olympics representative. Daiya Seto, who met these conditions, will be the representative of the second individual medley. I have a job offer.