Over the past months, one of the most talked about topics in the boxing world has become a possible duel between Sergey Kovalev and Saul Alvarez. At first, many experts did not believe that he was able to take place, but in September, the DAZN streaming company issued an official announcement. It is noted that the battle between the athletes will be held on November 2 in the United States.

One of the first to his fans turned Canelo. So, he confirmed that the fight with Kovalev will take place on his Twitter page and asked fans for support.

"Officially. I am pleased to announce that I will rise to two weight categories to meet with one of the most powerful opponents in this division. November 2 at the MGM Grand arena in Las Vegas will be one of the main challenges of my career. Let's make a story together - forward to the fourth world title, ”the Mexican said.

Later, this information about the match was confirmed by Kovalev.

“To be the best, you need to beat the best. I always tried to meet the strongest opponents in my division, but many avoided me throughout my career. Canelo wanted to fight me, he is ready to lift weight to try to win my title. I will be ready on November 2, ”the Russian quoted TASS.

Thus, the answer to one of the main questions that worried boxing fans and experts in the context of this confrontation became known. Initially, the conduct of this battle seemed unlikely for the reason that Sergey and Saul were not only not in the same weight category, but not even in adjacent ones. So, the Russian performs in light heavyweight (up to 79.379 kg), and the Mexican had never before risen above the second average (up to 76.2 kg).

Thus, it was assumed that the fight will take place either in the second middle weight or in the intermediate. But both options had their drawbacks. In the first case, Kovalev had to seriously lose weight and for the first time in his career to go beyond his native category, and in the second, champion titles were not at stake. This, although it did not deprive the duel of the prefix “super,” but beat its prestige.

However, Alvarez took an unprecedented step and agreed to compete in the weight of his opponent. First of all, this is due to the desire of Canelo to become the owner of the titles in four weight categories, which will put him on a par with such distinguished boxers as Pernell Whittaker, Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto and others. The sole record holder for this indicator is Manny Pacquiao, whose assets include belts in eight different weight categories.

It should be noted that Pacquiao was very thin in his youth, so he could easily fit into the limit of the lightest (up to 50.8 kg) weight. Over the years, he began to actively gain mass, in connection with which he was able to overcome seven categories at once and is now successfully fighting in the category of up to 63.5 kg.

Thus, over the course of his career, the Filipino added 12.5 kg in weight, which could well be considered unprecedented if not for one “but”. Due to the greater step between the categories, Alvarez will have to go exactly the same path to go to the first heavy weight. So, he began his career in the division up to 66.6 kg, and in the battle with Kovalev he will weigh no more than 79.3 kg.

In this regard, despite the twofold difference in the number of ranks, Canelo will be able to claim the title of one of the greatest fighters in history. True, for starters, he needs to get the better of Sergey and take away the WBO world title.

As for Kovalev, then his main motivation in the battle with Alvarez will be money. In case of failure, he will lose not only his belt, but also the opportunity to count on holding unification battles, but he will significantly improve his financial condition. So, according to US media, the Russian fee will be $ 12 million.

Kovalev’s desire to make money is understandable. Most recently, he announced that he plans to perform until the end of 2020, after which he intends to hang gloves on a nail. In light of this, the money battle with Alvarez seems to him to be an ideal option, capable of providing the athlete himself and his family for many years to come. And this is only in case of defeat from Saul.

If Sergei manages to shock the world and get the better of Saul, he will be able to count on even more profitable revenge. Fans love long and tense confrontations, and the Mexican will probably want to rehabilitate for failure. Kovalev will be able to request an even more substantial fee and finally solve all welfare issues.

In addition, success in the battle with Alvarez can finally restore the reputation of Kovalev, slightly injured after two insulting defeats from Andre Ward. The negativity that spilled over into one of the greatest Russian boxers in history seriously spoiled the impression of his solid career. The triumph in the battle with Canelo is able to overshadow all previous failures of Sergey and perpetuate him in the status of the strongest domestic representative of this sport.

At the moment, the match between Kovalev and Alvarez can be safely called one of the most anticipated events of the year in boxing. Only the return battle between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz can argue with him, but even it seems less intriguing. For the Russian-Mexican confrontation speak Canelo's popularity, as well as the spectacular style of both. It will definitely be hot in the ring, which cannot be said with certainty about the battle of Joshua and Ruiz. After speaking in the USA, the Briton may well return to a more verified and calculated style of warfare and give fans not the most attractive sight.

In addition, a boxing night in Las Vegas may well establish the best result of 2019 in terms of the number of paid broadcast sales (PPV). At the moment, the leader is the battle between Gervonta Davis and Ricardo Nunez, which was watched by about 600 thousand people. Given the popularity of Canelo, as well as the championship status of the match and the uncompromising nature of Kovalev, higher results can be expected.