In her sports editorial on Europe 1, Monday morning, Virginie Phulpin returns on the return of Neymar in the jersey of PSG, Saturday, a halo with a gesture of which he alone has the secret, but weighted with a personality that is certainly not worth 222 million euros. And it's not that bad, she says.


Neymar has replayed with PSG. The Brazilian star, at the heart of a true serial about his future this summer, scored a sublime goal against Strasbourg on Saturday, offering a difficult victory to his. In his editorial sport on Europe 1, Monday, Virginie Phulpin recalls: the "Ney", as fantastic and disconnected from the Parisian public as he is, is a footballer.

"Play and shut up, do not tell me this sentence did not burn your lips during this endless summer we all had with Neymar, it was all-inclusive vacations, untimely statements and disrespect understood.

So Saturday, for his return, I had the impression to drop a turbulent child at school and to breathe a sigh of relief. Whistles, banners in stands. And during the match, we saw a Neymar often pretty clear.

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Until this 92nd minute. An acrobatic return for a sublime goal. A few seconds of class after a grimey summer. Whether you are a fan of PSG or not, admit it, you too have been speechless. We have experienced one of those moments of grace that makes the beauty of a sport. And, of course, it was Neymar who brought it to us. To remind everyone that he is one of the best players in the world, that everything can happen when he has the ball, and that he is able to transcend even in front of a crowd mostly hostile. Talent and character is the best cocktail in the world. In any case on the ground. "

Neymar proved he was a great football player, but he should not be asked for more.

"Great player and little man, the Brazilian is an exceptional footballer, and it's not bad, we realized on Saturday, if we needed additional proof, that the Neymar man is probably worth not much, him.Not really 222 million euros, in any case [the price of its record transfer in 2017, Ed].

As soon as the final whistle sounded, it fell back in its wake. He left the field very quickly, without a gesture towards the stands, and he left alone in the locker room. A little pause in front of the microphones to explain that he has nothing to say to the fans, and that he knows he will play outside all season. It's good, Neymar, everyone understood that you did not want to be there. For diplomacy, excuses, even feints, will be repeated.

And no matter ultimately. He is a footballer, not a diplomat. We all know writers, singers, comedians who upset us with their art and disgust us with their being. Neymar is one of them too, obviously. And since off the field, it behaves more in terms of mark than human being, I want to say 'Just Do It'. Play, and that's it. And considering what he can do with a ball, it's already huge. "