How Dziuba Prepares for Rugby World Cup

One of the main characters of the tour was the forward of “Zenith” Artyom Dziuba. He not only helped his team beat Arsenal, but also noted for participating in a funny episode along with Serdar Azmun. The Iranian did not want to leave for a long time and argued about something with judge Pavel Kukuyan. Then the captain of the Russian national team ran to his partner, wrapped his arms around him, picked him up from the ground and moved him outside the field.

“Carefully picked it up. Soon, the Rugby World Cup. Here I’m getting ready, ”the forward joked after the match.

Dziuba’s words were not left unattended in the Rugby Federation of Russia, where they stated that they had reserved a place for Artyom in the national team and were ready to release him in the position of “pillar or flanker”.

Even the European press reacted to the incident. Thus, the popular FourFourTwo edition complained that Maurizio Sarri did not have his own Dziuba in the final match of the English League Cup. Recall that then the Chelsea goalkeeper Kep Arrisabalaga simply refused to be replaced by a reserve goalkeeper before the penalty shootout, and the Londoners lost the Manchester City trophy.

😅 Do you also have a friend who will always save you from trouble, like Dziub Azmuna? # RPL # / dfj6XTqzsX

- Russian Premier League (@rfpl) September 13, 2019

Fan insults, Urgant joke, critic Bystrov

But for Spartak the tour turned out to be not so successful. Red and White opened the scoring at the very beginning of the match with Ural, but after the break they missed twice and suffered a third defeat in a row in all tournaments. Such results led to a new wave of criticism of Oleg Kononov, which seemed to quiet down after a series of successful results of the metropolitan team in August.

This time, the fans, even in the course of the meeting, began to chant their favorite chants about Massimo Carrera, especially since the Italian returned to Moscow last week. And after the final whistle, the fans performed a lesser-known song about Kononov, which hardly could have been liked by the specialist himself.

“The coach arrived to us from Tula
He won nothing
This is Kononov Olezha
Who brought it to us? ”

- Arseny Petrov (@Arseny_Petrov) September 14, 2019

However, Oleg Georgievich at a press conference said that he understood the similar reaction of the fans, and explained that there was only one way to regain their location - to win.

After unsuccessful results, the media began to speculate about Kononov’s allegedly possible imminent resignation, but the players after the match stood up for the coach. In particular, captain George Dzhikia noted that the team fully trusts the coach. Club CEO Thomas Zorn also denied information about possible permutations on the coaching bridge.

Even the famous Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant commented on what was happening.

“Each new trainer who comes to Spartak reminds me of a dog chasing a bus, barking, and when it catches up with what it does not know,” Urgant wrote on his Twitter page.

Every new coach coming to Spartak reminds me of a dog chasing a bus, barking, and when it catches up with what it does not know 🤷🏻‍♂️😉

- GRISHA 🤣🎸 (@GrishkaUrgant) September 15, 2019

And, perhaps, the former football player of the team Vladimir Bystrov, who is currently an expert on television, spoke most harshly about the situation in Spartak. After losing to Ural, the former Russian midfielder emphasized that Kononov did not control the situation.

“Why are we hanging noodles on our ears?” We are told that we bought these players here, we must wait. Well, immediately announce that this season the team will fight for seventh place, then all questions will be removed, ”Bystrov quotes“ Match TV. ”

Ural Trolling

In turn, the “Urals” did not miss the reason to pin the Spartacists. So, in the course of the second half of Twitter for the Yekaterinburg residents who were extremely unsuccessfully developing for the red-white ones, a post appeared as follows:

“Does Spartak have exactly 11 players on the field?”

A little later, a winning video from the team’s locker room at the Otkritie Arena was published on the club’s social networks.

In the locker room right now 👏🔥🔥

- FC Ural (@FCURAL) September 14, 2019

Injury CSKA

CSKA, unlike Spartak, managed to score three points in the match against Tambov, but the team could not do without another damage. At the very beginning of the second half, damage to the adducting thigh muscle was received by a well-proven newcomer to the army team Cedric Gogua. The football player had to be urgently changed.

This injury was already the sixth for the red-blue at the start of the season. It seems as if an evil rock hung over the team. Moreover, the players of the army receive damage in five RPL meetings in a row. At the moment, Viktor Goncharenko cannot count on eight people: Viktor Vasin, Ragnar Sigurdsson, Dmitry Efremov, Kirill Nababkin, Yaku Biyol, Cedric Gogua, Alan Dzagoev and Georgy Schennikov - almost a whole team.

At the same time, in the next 22 days, CSKA will have to play 7 matches in all tournaments. Red-blue did not have such personnel problems for a long time. In addition, in the match with Tambov, the fourth yellow cards were earned by Herdur Magnusson with Ivan Oblyakov. Thus, in the most important game with Krasnodar in the next round, Goncharenko will also be left without them. In this regard, it is not entirely clear, for example, who will defend Zvonimir Charliy with Igor Diveev.

Controversial Judge Decisions

Meanwhile, CSKA’s victory over Tambov was not without controversial judicial decisions. Firstly, the penalty kick in the net was not the most obvious. In the replay, it seemed that the ball hit Maxim Osipenko in the shoulder.

Fyodor Chalov did not realize the penalty kick, but a few minutes later a direct red card for insulting a judge received a Tambov midfielder Valery Chuperka. As a result, in the end, CSKA rivaled the opponent, and the head coach of the RPL newcomer Alexander Grigoryan accused judge Mikhail Vilkov of bias.

“I have repeatedly heard insults addressed to the referee by CSKA players. But the judge did not hear them. I asked Chuperk whether the insult was addressed to the arbitrator. It was. It means that he had every right to delete, ”Grigoryan’s words are quoted on Twitter by match commentator Mikhail Mossakovsky.

In addition, answering a question about the outcome of the meeting, the coach in his usual emotional manner said that he was not going to revise the match.

Savin in defense of female refereeing

If the number of scandals related to arbitration in the RPL does not decrease, then do not exclude the possibility that Anastasia Pustovoitova will fill up the judiciary, having completed the final of the Women's Champions League and several matches of the planet’s championship in France, including the game for third place. Last Friday, she received the Referee of the Year Award from the International Football Development Association (IFDA).

In particular, the RFU encouraged Anastasia to trust the football blogger Yevgeny Savin after the award ceremony.

“Already in almost all top championships girls are judged! But only here you can be a “top-man” in Europe, and you can’t even smell the FNL at home, but I’m generally silent about RPL. Guys from the RFU, doesn’t it bother you that we have a girl who judges the Champions League final, but in Russia does not get a chance to move forward? I understand that a “woman” should cook borsch in the kitchen, but maybe let her move? ”Savin wrote on Instagram.

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Posted by Savin Evgeny (@ sava9) Sep 13, 2019 at 8:25 am PDT

The reaction followed immediately. The Chairman of the RFU Judicial Committee, Nikolai Levnikov, said that he would first speak at the executive committee for including Pustovoitova among the PFL arbitrators.

“This is necessary so that Anastasia can take the next step in the future. She passes the standards no worse than men, this is a very talented referee. There can be no problem here. The optimal development of events is when she judges the PFL matches in the 2019/20 season and the 2020/21 season in the FNL. If everything goes well, from the 2021/22 season it will be possible to try it for work at the Premier League matches, ”TASS quoted Levnikov as saying.

Footballer without a number

And in the last match of the game day on Sunday, Krasnodar and Wings of the Soviets came together. And the opposition of these teams was a success. Six goals scored, three penalties, two of which were not realized, assistance to VAR - all this was witnessed by fans in the south of Russia.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, a unique event happened: the experienced midfielder of the Samara team Alexander Gatskan had to finish the match in a T-shirt without a number.

The fact is that the Moldavian midfielder in one of the martial arts received a serious dissection of his head, and blood literally flooded the football player’s shirt. Despite this, Gatskan remained on the field, but changed into a new ammunition (as the rule requires), on which the number was simply not there.