Rugby Commander Tamura's Tamura "Imaginative Challenge" Determination before World Cup September 15 17:43

Yutaka Tamura, the command tower of the Japanese national team, who will face the Rugby World Cup, which will start in five days, said his decision to the tournament, "I will enjoy the pressure and take on the challenge."

Japan Rugby National Team is camping in Tokyo for the World Cup, which will open on the 20th of this month.

In the practice on the 15th, when the first 15 minutes were released to the press, Forward confirmed the movement of Scrum in anticipation of the opening race against Russia. In addition, Bucks, who was expected to play an active role as an immovable command tower, confirmed Tamura's attack from Scrum while watching the video.

After training, Tamura responded to the reporter's interview: “The World Cup was a stage I was looking forward to and the feeling of“ I finally came here ”at the beginning of the week. I have fun and I will challenge myself as much as I can. "

And after showing a sense of vigilance against Russia in the opening round, “I think it ’s really lucky to be in the opening round of the World Cup. We ’ll be preparing for the performance we deserve.” I was enthusiasm.

The opening round of the World Cup in which Japan and Russia will face each other will take place at Tokyo Stadium on the 20th of this month.