The Dutch volleyball players also did not return a set in their second game at the European Championship. The Orange squad won 3-0 in Ukraine in Ahoy Rotterdam.

The Netherlands did not have an easy time with Ukraine for its own public, but struck at the important moments against the team that is ten places lower in the European ranking (ninth on nineteenth). The set positions were 28-26, 29-27 and 25-21.

The team of national coach Roberto Piazza opened the European Championship on Friday with a 3-0 win over Montenegro. On Sunday a squashed-out Ahoy will play the game against world champion Poland (start: 4 p.m.). Then there will be group duels in Amsterdam with Estonia (Tuesday) and the Czech Republic (Wednesday).

The Orange team must finish in the first four to reach the eighth finals of the European Championship, which is being held in four countries. Belgium, France and Slovenia are the other three host countries. The final will be held in Paris on September 29.

The Dutch were eliminated in the group stage two years ago at the previous European Championship and then finished in tenth position. In 1997 the Dutch volleyball players won their only European title and in 1993 and 1995 they lost the European final.