Ajax coach Erik ten Hag was very pleased with the second half of his team on Saturday evening. After a difficult start, the Dutch champion won 4-1 against SC Heerenveen.

"It is an excellent result and that gives a good feeling for the coming games," Ten Hag told FOX Sports . "You always have to wait and see how you get the players back after an international match."

Ajax will start the Champions League on Tuesday with a home match against Lille. Next Sunday, the top against PSV is on the program in Eindhoven. With the big win over Heerenveen, Ajax had a great warm-up for those two matches, although the Frisian team had the best chances in the first half.

"I'd rather talk about the second half," said Ten Hag. "In the first half, we were not always in a good position in the organization. We get away a few times. André Onana saves us at a counter and of course there was that VAR moment," the coach referred to Heerenveen's disapproved 1-2. .

The coach saw his team appear much better in the second half. "After rest we were lord and master, then we were good in the organization. Heerenveen was actually no longer involved."

The Frisians thought they would take a 1-2 lead in the ArenA, but Jens Odgaard's goal was canceled due to a previous foul by Lucas Woudenberg on Joël Veltman.

Odgaard had made the 1-1 before. Nicolás Tagliafico (twice), Dusan Tadic and Perr Schuurs were accurate for Ajax.

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Van de Beek and Mazraoui probably not against Lille

Ajax had to compete against Heerenveen without Donny van de Beek and Noussair Mazraoui. The duo must probably still be injured against Lille.

"As I see it now, they are not going to make it, although of course I hope so," said Ten Hag, who believes he has enough alternatives.

"We have a wide selection and that is not for nothing. We can compensate for loss of form or injury. That is necessary to be successful again this year."

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