To table tennis Asian Championship

Before the Asian table tennis championship kicked off in Indonesia on the 15th, Tomokazu Harimoto, the world ranking 5th in men ’s singles, made the final adjustment at the match venue. "I want to do it."

The Asian Table Tennis Championships in Indonesia will be attended by approximately 260 players from 36 countries and regions, including top Chinese players.

Before the opening on the 15th, the players made final adjustments at the game venue, and the fifth-ranked player in the world played forehand and backhand using his feet to make a good posture and hit the ball. I checked the form, such as typing continuously.

We also carefully checked the assembly of the attack from the serve and receive and prepared for the production.

“I ’m comfortable with the venue and I ’m not feeling bad, so I ’d like to go to the game as it is. The goal is a medal, but I ’d like to do my best in a single battle in front of me. "

On the other hand, for women, Misato Ito, who is ranked 7th in the world, is leaving to participate in the world tour, while Yoshizumi Ishikawa, who is ranked 8th in the world, and Mami Hirano, who is ranked 9th worldwide U player will participate.

Ishikawa and Hirano made a great effort to confirm the feel of the ball and increased their concentration.

The Asian table tennis championship will be held until the 22nd of this month, with gender groups and singles.