Rugby World Cup Japan's opening opponent Russia "I want to think about how to fight" September 14, 22:12

According to the interview, the head coach of the Russian national team in the opening round against Japan at the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, which opened on the 20th of this month, said, “I want to think about how to fight as a team rather than being cautious of individuals.”

Russia, which is ranked 20th in the world ranking, has participated in the second World Cup for the first time in two tournaments, and is in the same Group A as Japan, which is ranked 10th in the world in the first league.

On the 14th, I attended a welcoming ceremony in Saitama City where I was camping.

About 400 people including children of the local rugby team were greeted while waving the small flag of the Russian flag, and after the performances of Japanese drums were performed, the players received hats and medals for proof that they participated in the tournament It was.

After this, Russian Richard Jones head coach Russian respondents interviewed about Japan: “We took the time to prepare and create a great team. I want to think about how to fight. "

Captain Wassily Artemiev said, “Because Reach Michael is one of Japan's most successful players in recent years. Japan is a top 10 team and it ’s a big challenge for Russia. I want to play the best.” I was talking.

The opening match between Japan and Russia in the Rugby World Cup will take place at Tokyo Stadium from 7:45 pm on the 20th of this month.