Para swimming Tokairin University is the world new money Tokyo Para representative offer September 15th 3:09

In the world class of para-swimming held in the United Kingdom, the intellectual disability class of men's 200-meter individual medley, Tokai Hayashi University (20) won a gold medal by marking a new world record of 2: 8: 16, I was selected as the representative of next year's Tokyo Paralympics.

Tokai Hayashi University is 20 years old from Yamagata City. A class of intellectual disability.

When I was 4 years old, I was diagnosed with autism, who was not good at communicating with people. When I started swimming in earnest from the first year of high school, I increased the record with the action of creating a large propulsion force by firmly grasping the water called “catch”, and renewed Japan and Asia records one after another.

However, at the last Rio de Janeiro Paralympic selection, he was unable to demonstrate his abilities and missed the representative. After that, I wrote a note about what went well in the practice and recorded it carefully while facing myself, marking a new world record with a 100 meter butterfly that I was good at at the international competition last June. The 200-meter individual medley is also ranked first in this season's world ranking.

Daiya Seto, a swimming racer who has chosen the Tokyo Olympics representative as a long-awaited positive and positive attitude, is the target player. In the world championship which is the first participation, aiming at the gold medal acquisition, the medal is expected at the Tokyo Paralympics.