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The World Cup has been fair . In a situation like today, there will be the two teams that have made the best tournament, which really deserve it more than the players that make up each of the templates. They have been the two most competitive teams. Spain has been growing over the weeks and reaches the final against Argentina with tremendous strength. It has been building trust as the parties went by, and even turning those doubts that could have regarding them in the beginning into their source of energy. They have made pineapple on this issue and I think we will continue to see a very competitive team. We have players who have met many times in these types of situations, who have experience and weight in the squad.

Argentina is a team that generates many problems by squeezing the rival's outside line . They know they don't have much offensive talent and that weight is carried by few players. They base their options on that. Against France, the Gauls interiors disappeared because the Argentines cut the blockade and continuation to avoid the low post, forcing them to make decisions to the exteriors and diminishing their potential. Therein lies its great virtue. Cut the potential rival and be an extremely competitive team. That's why I think the key will be in Marc Gasol . The more game is generated with him, the better for Spain. Argentina is going to press our bases and, although our best moments came with Ricky and Llull on the track, if Marc manages to generate game, he can make a difference again. Not so much from the low post, because they are going to close, they are going to get their hands and they are not going to give him much time to make decisions, but from the outside, as the rest of the tournament has been doing. Beyond that, we must try to attack Scola and his inner game, which is where they go fairer. In defense we are showing a great level throughout the tournament and I think it is largely what has given us success.

The semifinal against Australia was very hard and is being a World Cup with few rotations, with few people participating, but we are going to find a rival who is in the same situation or even worse. And, above all, a final is always above anything.

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