Borussia Dortmund are back on track ahead of Tuesday's 4-0 home win over Bayer Leverkusen on Saturday.

Spaniard Paco Alcacer (28), Marco Royce (50 and 90) and Rafael Guerrero (83) scored the quadruple of Dortmund.

Last season's runners-up Dortmund quickly compensated for their surprise loss to newcomers Union Berlin in the third round and a deserved deserved victory through which he warned Barcelona at home in the first round of Group F of the Champions League next Tuesday.

It was Dortmund's third win of the season, lifting their tally to nine points and temporarily taking the lead on goal difference from Leipzig, who later play in the second phase of the stage against home champions Bayern Munich last seven seasons, while Leverkusen suffered their first loss of the season, freezing his score at seven points and retreated From fourth to sixth.