Angels Otani left knee successful surgery September 14 10:44

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani had an operation on his left knee that had been in pain in Los Angeles on the 13th. According to the team, the surgery was successful, and it is expected that full-scale practice will resume in about 8 weeks at the earliest.

According to the team, Otani's left knee's heel skull was split differently than usual, and there was no problem so far, but this season, pain began to appear.

For this reason, Otani decided to undergo surgery without waiting for the end of the season at the end of this month in anticipation of playing with both pitchers and batters next season, and was involved in a hospital in Los Angeles in the early morning of the 13th. I went with the person and had an operation on my left knee.

In this regard, Angels coach Ohsmas said, “I have heard that the operation was successful. It makes sense to have it now for the coming season,” revealing that the operation was successful. did.

It is expected that it will take about 8 to 12 weeks for Otani to resume full-scale practice after this left knee operation, and we will aim to resume pitching practice on the mound.

Otani, who had played with two sword styles, had undergone a right elbow surgery last year, so this season he has been rehabilitating as a pitcher while participating in batter games.