The match is one of the great for a Swedish boxer. It's not a title match, but it's a former world champion on the way back, which Wallin will face.

- If Otto were to win it is really, really big, it would give echoes in the boxing world, says Olof Johansson. But the odds of that are probably not very great, but the chance exists.

"Ingos World Cup matches are number one"

It is not easy to put the match into the Swedish boxing history, but Olof Johansson makes a try.

- Ingemar Johansson's World Cup matches 60 years ago are number one and then we have Anders "Lillen" Eklund's European Championship matches in the 80's which is about the same level as Saturday night's match, but Eklund was higher ranked than what is Otto Wallin is now, says Johansson.

- Otto is a skilled and smart boxer who goes with the right front and that might give Tyson Fury a little headache.

Englishman Tyson Fury has never lost and is in the double sense a great boxer with his length (2.06 m) and range (2.16 m).