The French basketball team lost to Argentina in the semifinal of the world championship in China. Laurent Sciarra, former player and Olympic vice-champion in 2000, tries to explain to the microphone of Europe 1 this defeat.


France was beaten Friday at the basketball world cup semi-final in China. After their exploit against the Americans, the Blues seemed helpless against Argentina (80-66). Laurent Sciarra, former player and Olympic vice-champion in 2000, delivers his analysis.

"We did not exist physically, they attacked us in every way.It is the Argentinian side very player, very provocative!" We managed initially to answer in dispersed mode.As soon as it took a little squeezing, as soon as we had to put the gas back - which had saved us these last games - I found the boys physically touched, tired.The Argentinean team, when she feels like that, she feel that she has you in her hand, she will not let go any more.In addition, we were more than defective on the address with three points with a pitiful 7/31. It is also a pitiful 13/25 to free throws ".

A lack of aggressiveness so but fatigue and pressure can they also explain this defeat?

"No, not at all, Argentina had one extra day of recovery but as Nicolas Batum said, both teams had the same mode of transport, the same trip, etc. We can always find everything. Now, I would like to find more than positive circumstances, but there are none, basketball is a combat sport in the noble sense, the Argentineans are more combative, in 15 days it is the French team. rugby who plays against the Argentineans, it will fall on the same characters.Somewhere tonight, there is no blush.