Waseda Business Fall in high school baseball city tournament withdrawal September 14th 0:04

Waseda Jyogyo, who has won the championship once every spring and summer in Koshien, declined to participate in the autumn high school baseball tournament in Tokyo, and it was hopeless to participate in Senbatsu next spring. According to the person concerned, there was a problem behavior by multiple members.

Waseda was scheduled to face the first game on the 15th at the Tokyo Metropolitan Fall in Tokyo, which started on the 7th of this month, but according to the Tokyo High School Baseball Federation, there was a notice from the school that they would decline to play.

According to the people concerned, it was because problem behavior was discovered by multiple members.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Games in Autumn will be an important resource for deciding which school to participate in next spring, so Waseda's participation in Senbatsu became hopeless.

Waseda is a strong man who has participated in Koshien 50 times in the spring and summer, and has won the championship once in the spring and summer. , Has produced many professional baseball players.