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They say that Luis Scola is 39 years old , but watching him play he seems to not know where he has put them. They will be things of age. At this point he is still without a team because he did not know if he would have the strength to continue playing. Even less if Argentina did not get into the Tokyo Games . They got it on Monday. "And now, Luis? You can't miss it," they wrote from the Federation's twitter. How is basketball going to be left for a guy who danced to France in that way to return Argentina to the World Cup final 17 years later . When he woke up, Scola was still there.

And how. Because it was the start of the game and see him crossing the field from one hoop to the other to put the first baskets in Argentina. And the first seven points. And 10 in the first quarter. A double-double to rest. It is not known if it was the smell of a medal or being paired with Amath M'Baye . It took much more than muscle to stop Scola, possessed in his mission to return to a final. To say goodbye at the top if this is goodbye, which does not seem so. His were the three triples with which Argentina gave folder in the last quarter. 26 points, 13 rebounds and a hug with Manu Ginobili, dressed as a street at the foot of the track.

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