Tamiya Uemiya High School bullying in baseball club 3 months ban on foreign games September 13 18:56

The Japan Student Baseball Association has decided to ban foreign matches for three months as bullying in the baseball club last year at Tamiya High School in Osaka, which has participated in Koshien twice in spring and summer.

The Japan Student Baseball Association held an examination room meeting in Tokyo on the 13th and announced the disposal of 15 high schools.

Among them, at Uemiya Taiko High School, four members who were first graders at the time were playing with each other by saying “odor” to one of the classmates at the time, but then escalated. And bullying such as applying a deodorant.

The student who was bullied transferred to school but was not reported to the Osaka High School Baseball Federation.

For this reason, the Japan Student Baseball Association has decided to ban foreign matches for the three months until November 27.

Taemiya Uemiya High School has already declined to participate in the Osaka prefectural convention in autumn.

In addition, at the municipal Kashiwazaki High School in Hyogo Prefecture, who has participated in Koshien, a 39-year-old manager and a 25-year-old coach acted as violent violence against multiple members, for example, due to poor practice. In addition, the 55-year-old director also accused one of the members of the club, saying, “If you look at you, you will want to kill you.”

For this reason, the general manager was suspended for 1 year and 1 month, the coach was 7 months, and the director was 4 months.