To the Rugby World Cup Tonga national team last practice Kochi September 13 15:14


For the Rugby World Cup, which opens on the 20th of this month, the pre-camp held by Tonga in Kochi City has reached the final day, and the players have started their final practice.

Tonga, ranked 15th in the world ranking, has held a pre-camp at Haruno Sports Park in Kochi City since 9th of this month.

On the 13th of the final day, after stretching and running for a short distance and warming up, scrum practice was performed, and eight players gathered together with the coach's voice and hit the practice table vigorously. It was.

After that, players repeatedly confirmed the linkage of the attack.

In the World Cup, Tonga entered the same Group C as England, which ranked 3rd in the first league, 8th in France, 11th in Argentina, and 13th in the United States. The first game will be held.