Naomi Osaka Cancels Contract with American Coach Second Season September 13th 12:33

Tennis player Naomi Osaka revealed that he had canceled his contract with the American coach Jermaine Jenkins. This is the second time that Osaka has canceled his contract with the coach.

Osaka revealed this on his own Twitter.

“I will not work with Jenkins Coach in the future. I am deeply grateful for the time I spent together and for teaching me both inside and outside the court. However, I think it is the right time to change now. "

This season, Osaka, who won the Australian Open in January, immediately canceled his coaching contract with Sasha Vazin, a German who had been instructed for over a year.

Like Mr. Vazin, Jenkins, who served as the practice partner of Serena Williams, who was the first place in the world ranking, was invited to the coach to improve the form of the serve and stroke.

However, in the following four major tournaments, the US Open, which had advanced to the fourth round, had the highest performance, and did not give the results that we wanted.

According to officials, Osaka decided to cancel the coaching contract with Jenkins in order to change the practice environment and further improve play.

The successor coach has not yet been decided.

Osaka is scheduled to participate in a tour tournament opening in Osaka next week.