Men's Golf Tokimatsu suddenly rises to 3rd place Ishikawa on September 13 at 20:39

The tournament for men's golf tournament was held in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, where 26-year-old Takamitsu Matsumatsu defended the lead and Satoshi Ishikawa, who showed a birdie rush, jumped to third place.

With three wins in the tour, Tokimatsu increased the score by five with six birdies and one bogey on the 13th.

American Han Lee is in second place with two strokes.

Aiming for the third victory of this season, Ishikawa showed an intense charge to increase the score by 8 birdies and 8 bogies, and suddenly emerged from the 42nd place to the 3rd place with 3 strokes from the 42nd place.

In addition to the 3rd place, there are 4 players from last season's prize money, Shuhei Imahira.