1 week until the start of the Rugby World Cup Japan National Team resumes full practice September 13 13:08


With the opening of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament approaching one week later, the Japanese national team resumed full practice in Tokyo for the opening race with Russia.

The first Rugby World Cup Japan tournament in Asia will begin on the 20th of this month.

The Japanese national team, which had been disbanded to take rest after the send-off party on the 7th of this month, gathered on the 12th, and the entire practice for the opening round with Russia resumed from the 13th in Tokyo.

Only the first 15 minutes of the practice were released to the press, and captain Leech Michael and Yu Tamura, the command tower, played a central role in confirming the attacks using kicks and the subsequent defense that Japan had polished.

For the whole practice, Kazuki Himeno, who served as a flanker injured in the right ankle in last month's Hokkaido training camp, and No. 8 Amanaki, who changed his shoulders during a test match with South Africa on the 6th of this month. Leray Mafi was also participating.

On the other hand, Kenki Fukuoka, who was hurting his right foot in the same game against South Africa, was making adjustments in other menus such as light running.

Japan, which is ranked 10th in the world ranking, has set a goal of 8 or more in the World Cup. After playing against Russia, which is ranked 20th in the world at Tokyo Stadium on the 20th in the primary league, Japan will come to Ireland, the world's No. 1 on the 28th this month. We will play 16th Samoa on the 5th and 5th Scotland on the 13th of next month.