It's cool? Is n’t it cool? Artificial snowfall test for measures against the heat of the audience seats September 13 15:35

As a countermeasure against the heat of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, where the heat stroke of the audience is a concern, an attempt was made to make artificial snow fall on the audience seats at the canoe test competition.

The “Sea Forest Aquatic Stadium” in Tokyo and the coastal area where canoeing and boating are held has reduced the maintenance costs, so there are no roofs in some of the audience seats, so the heatstroke of the audience is directly exposed to the sun. There are concerns.

As a countermeasure, the Organizing Committee made an attempt to confirm the effect by falling artificial snow on the spectator seats at the canoe test competition held on the 13th.

During the test, snow made by smashing ice using a snowfall machine used for filming CMs, etc. was allowed to fall on the staff of the Organizing Committee, which was viewed as a spectator from about 5 meters above the ground.

While the staff heard that it was cool, many problems were found, such as the snow being unable to reach the place assumed by the wind and the floor getting wet and slippery.

The temperature and heat index were measured before and after the test, but the values ​​did not change.

The person in charge of the organizing committee said, “I felt that it would be refreshing because the snow hits the customers directly rather than cooling the air. We will consider whether it will be used in the tournament, including cost effectiveness.” It was.