MGC to challenge with the team 37-year-old oldest girl Kayoko Fukushi September 13 14:53

MGC (= Marathon Grand Championship), a representative selection race for the Tokyo Olympic marathon. The oldest female player, 37-year-old Kayoko Fukushi, will compete in the MGC with the team members who have been fighting together for nearly 20 years in Tokyo.

Dinner with laughter

MGC, 3 months ago in June. Fukushi had a camp in Boulder, Colorado, at an altitude of 1600 meters.

One day we visited to gather for dinner, mainly by players. Fukushi player from Aomori Prefecture, the famous apple region, will peel off the “nothing” with dexterous hands.

“MGC is so full of heads that I forget about MGC if I'm praying this way. Stress relief may be a dish,” smiles the trademark.

Directors, coaches, team juniors, trainers, and nutritionists who live together. There was a constant laughter around the staff and Fukushi players who had been having a hard time together.

Because there was a boost

Mr. Fukushi participated in the Olympic Games in three track events from the 2004 Athens Games to the 2012 London Games. This is a “legend” for the Japanese women ’s long-distance community who turned into a marathon and participated in the last Rio de Janeiro tournament.

Although the marathon has a track record of being a bronze medal at the world championships, the person himself says, “I have never been able to run with satisfaction”.

The Rio tournament, where the medal was declared, was ranked 14th, and I thought about retiring.
It was the team staff who pushed me back at this time.

“After three months of rest, when I said“ Is it possible to do it again? ”(The company and staff) said,“ I'll always do it ”. So, I felt that I was expecting a little. "Fukushi looks back on that time with a unique phrase.

Even if you ca n’t run,

A training camp in the United States that should be a valuable strengthening place for MGC.
Actually, I couldn't run enough because of my left foot discomfort.

The trainer, Mika Hirano, was always around the Fukushi player. It is a “war friend” who has been fighting the world for nearly 20 years. From that long-standing relationship, I felt that I was fully aware of the physical condition of Fukushi players as well as my heart.

“(Fukushi player)“ I want to support somehow ”,“ I want to do it ”,“ I want to make it together ”, I would like to go to the Olympics, and everyone (of the staff) is also aiming,” says Hirano Will talk.

There are things you can do even if you can't run. Mr. Hirano suggested “arm wrestling” on a ball that was difficult to balance in training.

“Warm Sumo” is not related to running at first glance. Mr. Hirano thought that activating the nerves of the arm leads to the activation of nerves throughout the body, and as a result, he also lives on running.

Fukushi who receives support himself “This is the last chance. Now, I am focusing on how much power I can have and how I can maximize it.” He talks about his preparations for the culmination stage.

To the decisive battle

A month later, Fukushi returned to practice in a training camp that moved to Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture. Severe training of repeating 2000 meters 7 times on the track. Despite injuries, there was an appearance of junior players who also participated in MGC.

Director, trainer, nutritionist. The total mobilization staff read the time, make a drink and hand it over. Fukushi who received such support showed a run that cut the time set by the manager even in the sixth run, where the limit of physical strength began to approach.

After practice for the day.
“I'm tired but I did n’t do it today, but my body was still moving, as I thought,” said Fukushi.
Win the "one-shot game" anyway.
The MGC of Fukushi who has regained his condition and is ready for war is with the thoughts of his team staff.