A crazy Twitter bet forced Oskarshamns support Andreas Hauge, before the SHL premiere against Skellefteå, to take the bike all the way from Småland. A journey of almost 120 km.

The bet was that Liverpool would never succeed in facing Barcelona in the Champions League. But as we all know by now, that's exactly what the team did and Andreas Hauge had to prepare for a ride in the bike saddle.

He never thought he would do it, but now he's there. After eight days of cycling.

- Now damn nice, we arrived half an hour ago and now it's over. I cannot describe in words, it is so damn nice to wake up tomorrow and know that you should not burn 17 miles, he tells SVT Sport.

How's your legs ?

- It's been tough all damn week, it's a relief. It's like a stone dropping off your shoulders, right now you don't think about how it hurts - now it's more than nice feeling, he continues.


The tweet he sent really had nothing to do with hockey. Photo: Niclas Wimmerberg

"I think we cod with five goals"

Has the journey been heavy ?

- It has been horrible thus, it is the worst I have done in all my lil. There is nothing that can match that. Fyfan how sad it has been.

You will not celebrate a little tonight then ?

- We'll see where it goes but it won't be too much party, I won't pall with that. It will be mostly to unwind and tag along for tomorrow.

Morning days yes. Then Oskarshamns will play their first match ever in SHL.

- I think we cod with five goals, I usually live after not having any expectations, then you just get disappointed.