After the scathing victory of the Blues on Wednesday on the mythical American basketball team in the quarter-finals, Nicolas Batum, captain of the French team, reacts to the microphone of Mathieu Belliard the day after this feat. And his message is calir: one does not ignite.


Nicolas Batum, captain of the French basketball team, is proud of his team. At the microphone of Europe 1, it explains the victory of the Blues on the Americans, Wednesday, in the quarter-finals, by the perseverance of the French players, who did not let themselves be intimidated. "We tried to get into the game very strongly and dominate them, we were not afraid of the Americans even if their team dominated the tournament for the moment," he said, saying he had made "a very solid match of beginning to end ".

"It's only a quarterfinal"

Despite this great feat, hailed by the US media, the captain remains on guard. "It's still a win for French basketball but it's only a quarter-final, we have no medals and no trophy, and if we lose the next game, we're fourth," he said. This victory will have been useless, so we must remain humble and focused because the road is not over. "