Winning Softbank Seibu, winning the magic “12” on September 13 at 0:19

Five games of professional baseball were played, and in the Pacific League leader-of-mouth battle, Softbank won Seibu and returned to the top in one day, and the magic number “12” for winning was lit.

Pacific League

Seibu vs. Softbank won Softbank 3-2.

SOFTBANK scored 2 points first in Gracia's No. 25 solo and Nobuhiro Matsuda's sacrificial fly 8 times, and raised an additional point in Takada's squeeze 9 times. In the previous game, Noh no-run Chiga pitcher made eight hits and scored 13 points in a single run. Softbank returned to the top in one day, and the magic number “12” for winning was lit.
Seibu made a one-point difference in the ninth round of Nakamura's 29th solo, but did not reach it.

Nippon Ham vs. Rakuten won 4 vs. 2 for Nippon Ham.

Nippon Ham once took the lead in Ota's 19th Touran, and in the third, Nishikawa's timely two base and Nakata's sacrificial fly gave additional points. After that, I attacked, but escaped with 7 pitcher relays. The third pitcher Nishimura won this season for the first time. Akiyoshi is the 23rd saver.
Rakuten, Mima pitcher collapsed early.

Se League

The DeNA vs. Giant won the giant 8-8.

The giants scored 2 points in a timely manner, such as Maru ’s timely one time, and in the fourth, Maru and Okamoto added 3 points in a two-person home run. In the 8th round, Maru's No. 26 Touran expanded his lead. The third pitcher Taguchi is the third win. The magic number for winning the giant decreased by 2 to 7.
As for DeNA, Soto hit solo No. 40, but the pitchers have collapsed.

Hiroshima vs. Sino-Japan won 3 by 2 for goodbye.

In Hiroshima, 2-0, 9 times, 1 out, 1st and 2nd place, Dobayashi, who was on the way, beat timely and won Sayonara. Supreme French pitcher is the seventh win.
On the middle day, we were able to catch up to the 6th time with the two-timer Tsuyoshi Douegami, but the fifth pitcher Fujishima was not fun.

For Hanshin vs. Yakult, Yakult won 12-2.

Yakult once won three points with Tetsuto Yamada's Timely Two Base and Valentin's No. 32 Touran. I added 5 points to 4 times and 4 points to 8 times and pushed them out. Pitcher Yamada is the fifth win with 2 goals in the middle of 7 times.
Hanshin was miscalculated by pitcher Haruhito Takahashi four times and eight goals.