Para swimming world championship ace Kimura is silver medal para participation frame securing September 13 7:33

The World Championship of Para Swimming held in the UK is the visually impaired class of men's 200-meter personal medley on the 12th day of the 4th day of the competition. I got the participation frame.

In the World Championships of Para Swimming in London, England, the winning Japanese player will be selected as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympics, and if he enters the second place, he will be given a place to participate in Japan.

On the 12th day of the 4th day of the tournament, with Kimura who holds a Japanese record of this event in the Japanese ace who won the bronze medal in the final day of the visually impaired class of men's 200-meter personal medley. Universe Tomita, who had a better time than Kimura in qualifying, participated.

Both players skipped from the start in the final, and Kimura stood at the top with his first butterfly.

After that, although I was skipped in backstroke, I kept the 2nd by showing the dynamic swim and tenacity of the breaststroke and the last free form, and it did not reach 0,54 in Japan's record, but 2 minutes 26 seconds 58 Won a silver medal.

Kimura was the second medal for the tournament, and Japan won the qualification.

Tomita went up with the last free-form, but did not reach the medal at 2:30:30 and was 4th.

The winner was the Dutch player Rohiel Dolsman, who marked a new world record of 2 minutes 22 seconds 02, reducing his record to 0 seconds 38.

In addition, in the final of the visually impaired class for women's 100-meter breaststroke, 22-year-old Ayano Sakai shortens Japan's record by 28 seconds by 1 minute 19 seconds 85. I won a bronze medal.

In the new mixed 400-meter relay in which two men and women in the intellectual disability class will swim at the Tokyo Paralympics, the boys are Tokai Hayashi Daisuke and Nakajima Keito, the girls Kitano Yasumi and Serizawa Mika A team was formed.

Japan had a world record of 4 minutes 2 seconds 03 in this event, but Britain marked the world record of 3 minutes 42 seconds 21, which reduced Japan's record by 19 seconds 82, and won.

Japan shrunk the previous record by 1 second 02, and it was 4th 1st 01, but it was 6th.

Kimura "I moved more than I expected"

Keiichi Kimura, who won the second silver medal at this tournament, said, “In terms of record, I was able to swim as close as possible to my best, and my body moved more than I thought. Since the players were in good shape, the feeling that I didn't want to lose led to the result.The medal rose from copper to silver, and my feelings were also rising. I would like to reset it and start the next race with a new feeling. "

Tomita "Sorry, lack of power"

“It ’s a shame. I think I was able to get a medal during the qualifying time. It was a race that left me regret because I did n’t work well in the finals. "I looked back.

Also, regarding the fact that the two Japanese players have advanced to the final, “There are many more amazing players than themselves, and the fact that you can race with Kimura is really coming to a sporting event. Even if there are difficult parts, they are entertaining. "

Tsujiuchi "I'm happy with what color medal"

Ayano Kajiuchi, who won the fifth bronze medal in Japan for the first time in this tournament, said, “I am very happy. I am glad that the medal can be taken in any color. I'm very good at sticking to it, so I did my best, and it was very confident that I got a medal in a breaststroke that I started doing after I came to the world of para.Tomorrow takes a rest slowly and challenges the next mixed relay I like it. "