Wheelchair Rugby Japan National Team PR next month's international tournament September 12th 16:41

Next month, a talk show was held by representatives of Japan, such as Toru Ike, to promote the international wheelchair rugby tournament in Tokyo.

In addition to the Japanese representatives of wheelchair rugby, such as Ike and Daisuke Ikezaki, the former Japanese rugby representative Kensuke Hiyama participated in the talk show held in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

At the talk show, Mr. Hatakeyama, who had experienced wheelchair rugby, talked about the highlights of the competition, such as "I was surprised by the shock of floating when I received a tackle. did.

The wheelchair rugby national team won the bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics and won the last year's world championship. The current world ranking is third.

The tournament to be held this time will be held as part of strengthening with an eye on the Paralympic Games next year, and the top 7 teams in the world ranking will participate.

Mr. Ike called out, “The level is high because it is a battle between competing teams.

The International Wheelchair Rugby Tournament will be held at the Tokyo Gymnasium from 16th to 20th of next month.