Hanyu “I want to slip all the way to my health” Aspirations in Canada before the first game of the season September 13th 7:18

Figure skating Yuzuru Hanyu responded to the interview before the tournament held in Canada this season's first game on the 12th, and after clarifying that both the short program and free use the same song as last season, Last year, I was injured with a man who was injured, so I want to keep the season healthy, ”he said.

Hanyu, who won the second consecutive Olympics, was second in the world championship last season. After that, he was practicing while treating the right ankle that was injured during the season.

Hanyu played official training at the competition venue on the 12th to participate in the “Autumn Classic” that opened in Oakville, Canada, as the first match of this season.

When Hanyu started to slip slowly to check the feel of the ice, he jumped one after another in four types of four-turn jumps, such as four-turn Lutz, in addition to his favorite triple-accelerator, and confirmed his senses.

Hanyu responded to the interview after the practice, about this season's program, “I could n’t finish losing last season, and I could n’t complete it yet. "I want to let you do it" and showed the idea of ​​using the same song as last season for both the short program and free.

And this season ’s goal is, “Last year, I was injured and I couldn't go to the game I wanted to go. I got hurt and I could get stronger. “I want to keep the season healthy, and I've been practicing so far, so first I want to get back to the game.”

Furthermore, for the four-turn accelerator that no one has achieved in the world, “Practice continues. We have been working on five-turn sarco to jump on the four-turn accelerator, but it has not been successful yet. First of all, I have to do something that I can be satisfied with the current program. "

Hanyu will perform a short program on the 13th and a free performance on the 14th.