Rugby World Cup Successful tournament confirmation with Tokyo Metropolitan Government Rugby Association President September 12 18:21

Before the start of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament next week, Japan Rugby Association Chairman Mori met with Governor Koike in Tokyo to confirm that the tournament would be successful.

The Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament will start on the 20th of this month, and there will be 8 games including the opening round at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City.

On the 12th, Chairman of the Japan Rugby Association, Chairman Shigetaka Mori, who took office in June, visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and met with Governor Koike.

Governor Koike said, “There are only 8 days left until the opening, and posters are displayed on the street, and it has been very exciting. We will support you so that the tournament will be successful.” It was.

Mr. Mori responded, “I feel that the Japanese national team is stronger than at the 2015 tournament. I ’m telling the players to be enthusiastic, and I ’ll be ready for the opening, so please support me.” It was.

During the tournament period, the city will set up a “Fan Zone” in Chiyoda Ward and Chofu City to enjoy live games and rugby experiences.