By Playfuls Team Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has regained consciousness after suffering a coma for more than five years, a French newspaper reported Monday. Le Parisien confirmed that Schumacher had undergone qualitative treatment in a highly secretive manner at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, France, through the use of stem cells, under the supervision of renowned surgeon Philippe Menashe. The military barracks, where they are surrounded by great secrecy.

The newspaper, which quoted the news through its own sources that the Schumacher family refused to comment on the news, and there was no official statement from the hospital. It turned out that the source of the information for "Le Parisien" is one of the nurses working in the hospital, who herself saw signs of improvement on Schumacher.

Schumacher, 50, had an accident while skiing in the French Alps, causing him serious head injuries and then falling into a coma for years before awakening.