From the moment they told me about the revolution that is being considered in the world of football with the creation of the European Super League , my mind, almost irremediably, went back in time and I thought to myself: "If this is what same thing that happened in cycling a few years ago! " With many similarities and very few differences, the European Super League would be the same as the World Tour in cycling: a business that only works for a few - who earn huge amounts of money - to the detriment of many others who are going to become impoverished. We talk about the European Super League or the World Tour. We talked about a poison in a beautiful glass bottle very delicate . Beware of its attractiveness and exterior beauty, because it may be poisoned inside.

With the creation of the World Tour in 2005 , cycling has created a very first division for those who form this select group. The rest of the professional teams are not one step down, nor two, but rather a precipice separates them . The initial intention was to give stability and security to cycling for their future, and so necessary for cycling teams. Although this might seem good, after a while it has been shown that this is not the case and that what has been achieved is greater inequality between the World Tour and the rest of professional cycling.

The big business of this format of the World Tour is for the UCI (the highest international cycling body) and for a few teams. The first charges high fees for belonging to that club, and as a counterpart, he claimed to have the best teams in the best competitions with the best runners, something very attractive to everyone. The big problem is the number of races and teams that are of that level , normally causing that the promised thing is not fulfilled. Thus, teams and race organizers, live very high levels of stress, because belonging to that VIP club is to be or not to be for everyone and not even belonging to it, you are assured of promise, living with uncertainty your future stability. Another problem added for those who are not from the World Tour and want to take that leap, is not only a budget problem or having a good project, but it is a practically closed and impossible to access system unless some of the above disappear


For years in cycling we are living a sense of sailing aimlessly and the World Tour has not helped anything. There is a cycling of the rich and a cycling of the poor in which the current system has impoverished more those who do not belong to the World Tour . The teams have almost no options to run in the elite, except by invitation and being a very small number (only 4 of 24 possible) and being their presence in the minimum high competition, their sponsors reduce the budget. As for the races, they have great difficulties in having the best teams or the stars of this sport, causing a general disinterest of both sponsors and the media, it is easy to understand the conclusion. Causing in an irremediable way, that the distances between them are increasingly greater, with an unfeasible current system and that should change as soon as possible.

This situation could be translated in football with the creation with the European Super League, which would mean feeding a football elite, as has happened with the World Tour, and that would drag the national leagues to an abyss from which it would be difficult to escape. In addition, a new competition, with all existing ones, would disperse the attention of the amateur and lose interest in the more conventional ones.

In my opinion, the Champions League is fine as it is today and perfectly attracts worldwide attention and respecting the national leagues. The appearance of a new competition of this type can reduce the interest of fans in LaLiga. They would also resent the clubs themselves, as happened in cycling, and the gap between rich and poor would be virtually insurmountable . If this new competition comes to light, a nightmare future is coming, in which the teams that are not in that select circle would be economically depleted, as their structures were affected by a decrease in revenue.


A new competition of this type will be a spear in the heart of the national leagues. The interest of brands, media and fans in LaLiga, will diminish in front of the European Super League, jeopardizing even the competition of its great players and would be a league destined to be a training ground, in which fans will feel that They are cheating on you. This sense of deception can create a disaffection towards LaLiga, which historically has represented the backbone of football.

The World Tour is a poison in a very delicate bottle that you do not want to see, which can suddenly break into a thousand pieces and generate a great crisis. Football is in time not to be seduced by that bottle, because as beautiful as it may seem on the outside, the poison inside could leave the national leagues of all European countries wounded to death.

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