Angels Otani No match for 2 consecutive games, September 11th, 15:21

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani participated as a designated hitter in the Indians game on the 10th, but there was no hit and it was a no-hit for two consecutive games.

Otani finished 4 hits in the previous day's game, and started on the 10th in the Indians game in Anaheim, the home city, on the 10th.

Otani hit the first fly at the first bat and hit the fastball higher than the first ball and fell to the left fly.

The 6th third bat was a foul fly to the left by hitting the fastball of the first ball in the 2 out first scene.

Otani didn't hit two games in a row with no two hits in this game, and his batting average fell to 20%, 8 minutes.

In the match, Angels lost to Indians 0-8.