Para swimming world championship 50m freestyle Keiichi Kimura missed the national team decision September 10 9:15

The World Championship of Para-Swimming, which will be the representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Games next year, opened in the UK on the 9th, and Japanese ace Keiichi Kimura was fourth in the 50m freestyle visual impairment class for men and missed the representative appointment. .

The Para Swimming World Championship will start in London, England on the 9th, and the winner will be selected as the representative of the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

On the 9th of the first day of the tournament, Japanese ace Keiichi Kimura, who won four medals at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, advanced to the final in the qualifying fourth place in the 50m freestyle visual impairment class for men.

In the final, Kimura scored a time of 26.57, approaching his personal best with a strong swim from the start, but missed the national team's appointment in 4th place with a delay of 0.37 from the top.

In the women's 50m freestyle visual impairment class, Tomomi Ishiura was fifth in 31.69.

In the women's 50m freestyle motor dysfunction class, 49-year-old Mayumi Narita, who won the most gold medal in the Paralympic Games, ranked 8th at 41.70.

In the women's 400m freestyle visual impairment class, Ayano Kajiuchi was ranked 8th, marking a new record of 4 minutes 52 seconds 32, shortening her own record by 0 seconds 39.

Kimura “I want to look back on what was wrong”

Kimura said, “Swimming was n’t bad, so it ’s a shame that I did n’t get my best. I ’d like to look back slowly on what was n’t good. I vowed to roll back.


Ishiura said, “It was a good start and I was able to accelerate smoothly, but I wasn't able to do it. I didn't feel bad.

Narita "I thought about seeing the time"

Narita said, “I was able to swim with my arms well in the finals, but I thought that I had to watch the time. It was a tough competition because overseas players were shortening the time, but I want to swim strongly until the end.” I was talking.

Tsujiuchi “Stuck in the second half of the race”

“The qualifying had a bad rhythm, so I was conscious of enjoying the race and swimming at a constant tempo in the finals. I think that sticking to the latter half of the race led to good results. I was very happy to be able to put out. "