Major League Baseball Angels Otani 4 hits no hit September 10 15:15

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani started on the 9th in Indians as the 3rd-designated hitter, but with 4 hits and no hits, the continuous game hit stopped at "3".

Otani hit the hit three times in a row and raised the batting average to 20% and 2 minutes.

On the 9th, we started with 3rd and designated hitters in the Battle of Indians in our home base Anaheim.

The 1st bat was aimed at a fast ball with a higher inside angle, but it became a foul fly to the third, and the 3rd 2nd bat and the 6th 3rd bat were both struck by three strikes. .

The 8th batter at the first round of 1out was the center fly, Otani was in this game, 4 hits no hit, the batting average dropped to 20%, 9th, and the continuous game hit was "3" It stopped at.

The game lost Angels 2-6.