Rugby World Cup New Zealand National Team visits Japan for the first time in three consecutive wins September 9 21:02

New Zealand national team players who are aiming for the third consecutive title of the first ever Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, which will open on the 20th of this month, came to Japan.

New Zealand national teams, nicknamed “All Blacks”, arrived at Narita Airport on the evening of the 9th.

To see the world's strongest team that has won the World Cup at a glance, many fans gathered in the lobby, and Captain Kiran Reed and Commander Borden Barrett took a commemorative photo and signed by the fans I was asking.

New Zealand is aiming for the third consecutive championship in the World Cup history. First, in the first league, it will meet face-to-face with South Africa, the world cup champion, South Africa, Canada, Namibia and Italy. Play against

Until the opening, the players will coordinate in Sakai City, Chiba Prefecture, etc. to prepare for the competition.