Pro Baseball Leader Softbank lost 2nd place Seibu to 0.5 difference on September 9 23:25

Two baseball matches were played in professional baseball, and the top soft bank was defeated.

《Softbank vs. Lotte》
Lotte won 11-6.

Lotte prevailed by Samurai Nakamura's sacrificial fly at one time and added 4 points at Oka player's No. 6 Touran at the third time, and then steadily scored and won.
The starting pitcher Niki pitched 6 times and scored 2 goals, raising the seventh win in Thailand, the highest ever since July 5th. Lotte kept 3rd place.

The top-ranked Softbank has lost their pitchers, and the game with 2nd place Seibu, which did not have a match, has shrunk to 0.5.

《Rakuten vs. Oryx》
Rakuten won 6-4.

Rakuten won 8 times 4 to 4 with Asamura's 2-point timely hit.
Moribara, who won 8 runs without a goal, won his third victory, while his lesser pitcher Matsui gave his 34th save.
Rakuten returned the winning percentage to 50%.

Orix didn't make the best of 2 outs in 8th, pitching Masui on the back, and lost 8 consecutive draws.