The Haas Formula 1 team immediately said goodbye to title sponsor Rich Energy on Monday. This puts an end to a long soap opera.

"Haas F1 and Rich Energy have decided in good consultation to immediately end their collaboration in the Formula 1 championship," the American racing team said in a statement.

"Due to a restructuring, Rich Energy has to revise its global strategy. That is why Haas F1 and Rich Energy have concluded that it is best for both parties to separate."

Two months ago there seemed to be a break between the Formula 1 team and the main sponsor when Rich Energy reported more than a week after the Austrian Grand Prix via a tweet to stop the collaboration due to the poor performance of Haas.

"We want to beat Red Bull Racing and it is unacceptable that we ended up behind Williams in Austria. In addition, the Formula 1 political games have a bad impact on our company. We wish the team the best," wrote Rich Energy.

Haas F1 team boss Guenther Steiner was surprised by the tweet, but denied that the contract with the sponsor had ended. On Monday the parties said goodbye to each other.

Haas F1 Team Statement on Rich Energy.

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Haas rode without a title sponsor for three years

Haas has been participating in Formula 1 since 2016. The previous three seasons, the team drove without a real title sponsor, but the company was promoted by the American owner Gene Haas himself. Owner Haas is a multi-millionaire and, in addition to his Formula 1 team, also has a successful team in the American Nascar.

This season, after 14 of the 22 Grands Prix, Haas is in ninth place in the World Championship stand for constructors. Only Williams (1) has fewer points than the 26 from Haas. Kevin Magnussen is sixteenth with eighteen points and Romain Grosjean is number seventeen in the World Cup position with eight points.

The Formula 1 season will continue in two weeks with the Singapore Grand Prix.

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