Professional baseball Pacific top soft bank 2nd place Seibu wins 8th September 19:42

In professional baseball, one game was canceled due to the approach of the typhoon, and five games were held.

In the Pacific League, the top soft bank and second-place Seibu both won and the game difference remains at 1.

Pacific League

Softbank vs. Lotte, Softbank won 9-6.
SOFTBANK caught up with Nobuhiro Matsuda's solo No. 28 and time of Kawasaki / Kawashima in 7 times, 4-6, and won 3 times in 8 times, including 2 points in time for Taiki and Akashi. Mori is the 30th save for the second consecutive year.
Lotte did not make use of the lead twice, and the winning percentage returned to 50%.

Rakuten vs. Seibu won Seibu 3-2.
Seibu won 2 times and 2 times on a timely two-base basis of Yamakawa. The third pitcher Ogawa raised his fourth win and pitcher Masuda gave 26 saves.
Rakuten won the 50% win rate again, with three double plays and no hitting line.

Nippon Ham vs. Oryx won Nippon Ham 2-0.
Nippon Ham pre-empted three times with his opponent's pass ball, and in the eighth, Kiyomiya player's No. 7 solo gave additional points. Kaneko pitched 6 times without losing 6 points. Nippon Ham is 3 consecutive wins.
Orix has runners up to 7 times every time, but loses the batting line and loses 7 consecutive losses.

Se League

Sino-Japan vs. DeNA won Sino-Japan 5-2.
On the middle day, 4 times, Noout Miso, Kyoda played a foul fly to the first base and showed a good run to change home. In the 6th round, 3 points were added for Fukuda's 2 points timely two base. Ono's pitcher won the 8th win with 9 goals and 2 goals. Sino-Japan is 6 consecutive wins.
DeNA has lost 4 reliefs and has lost 4 consecutive losses.

Hiroshima vs. Hanshin, Hiroshima won 3-2.
Hiroshima scored three times, Nagano's two-point timely, and five times, Matsuyama's timely pointed out additional points. Johnson pitched 6 times and scored 3 consecutive wins, 11th.
Hanshin did not fight back at the end.

Yakult vs. Giant was canceled due to the approaching typhoon.