Cubs Darvish 5 times without losing points won and lost 13:54 on September 8

Major League Baseball and Cubs Darvish pitcher started the match against Brewers on the 7th and made a good 5th goal without losing.

Darvish, who was scheduled to start on the 1st of this month with a record of 5 wins and 6 losses so far this season, was avoiding climbing by appealing his right forearm.

Darvish pitcher started the match against Brewers in Milwaukee, the home of the opponent, 7 days after 10 days.

Darvish pitched once, with a hit and a foreball, and suddenly in a pinch, but the subsequent batter hit the striker with a changing ball and a fastball and left-flyed, and survived without losing points.

Two times, I took three strikes in a row with a fast ball over 150 km and a curve with slow and slow.

In the fourth round, the first batter was hit, but the ball was collected low and the subsequent batters were suppressed and no score was allowed.

Darvish pitcher got out of the mound at this time, showing a stable pitching, such as losing two consecutive strikeouts in the fifth time after the team preempted one point.

Darvish pitched 7 strikeouts, 3 hits and 1 foreball, making it a good goal, but the team was tied 6 times and did not lose or win.

In the game, Cubs lost 9 times 2 to 3 with goodbye.