Otani Multiple hits in 12 matches against White Sox September 7th, 13:56

Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani hit two hits such as a three-base hit in the White Sox match on the 6th, marking multiple hits for the first time in 12 games.

Otani didn't participate in the game the day before because he was resting, but he participated in the White Sox match at the opponent's hometown, Chicago, on the 6th as a designated hitter.

Otani played a 14-winning right-handed Lucas Diorito pitcher and caught the second baseball hitting the fastball of the second ball, and hit a two-base hit to break the left line. I hit it.

The 4th 2nd batter was deprived of a fast swing with a fast ball, but after the 7th 3rd batter was driven, the bat was aligned with the 4th ball change-up and the three-base hit on the light line. And then stepped on the home.

Otani was the fifth hit of the season with three hits after 12 games. The 9th 4th batting bat who was greeted with a 1-point lead was a missed strikeout against the restrained right pitcher.

Otani raised the batting average to 20%, 8 minutes by 20 hits in this game, 4 hits. In the match, Angels won the White Sox 5-4 and stopped the consecutive loss at 4.

Otani "Batting is getting better"

Otani said, “I think the first hit was a good hit, but the third hit was good because it was a good hit. It ’s gradually getting better. ”