Air Race September 7th at 20:15 on the last tournament in Chiba


The world championship of the world-leading technology, the “Air Race” world championship, which is held on a small aircraft, started in Chiba City. The World Championship was the last tournament in Chiba, and many spectators enjoyed the speed and power of the qualifying on the 7th.

Air Race is a competition for time passing between obstacles inflated with air with a small machine with a maximum speed of 370 km / h, and the World Championship began in Mihama-ku, Chiba on the 7th.

The course was set up on the sea near Makuhari Seaside Park, and qualifying was held after 3:00 pm, and 14 pilots from around the world performed high-speed turns and sudden rises while freely manipulating small aircraft. And competed for time.

Among them, Yoshihide Muroya, the only Japanese pilot who won the Chiba tournament twice, did not get through the speed and was fifth in the qualifying on the 7th.

The air race world championship is decided to conclude its history with the final of the Chiba tournament on the 8th.

A man in his 30s who came to watch a game with a child from Osaka Prefecture said, “Children were also excited about the turning of a small aircraft that I can not usually see. I want to enjoy the last excitement together.” .

In addition, a man in his 20s in Urayasu City, Chiba, said, “I have been following Mr. Muroya and cheering. I believe we can win”.

The final of the air race will be held from 10 am on the 8th, ahead of schedule due to the influence of the typhoon.