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What is Sinogan, the medicine that Blanca Fernández Ochoa took?


The autopsy performed on the body of Blanca Fernández Ochoa detected in her stomach pills of a medicine called Sinogan, which can be used for various ailments and that, and

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The autopsy performed on the body of Blanca Fernández Ochoa detected in her stomach pills of a medicine called Sinogan , which can be used for several ailments and, sometimes, mixed with other medications depending on the necessary treatment. It is a medicine with many years of history and that, in medical jargon, is considered in disuse because there are other more modern drugs that do the same with fewer side effects.

What is it and what is it for?

The drug Sinogan, one of the trademarks of levomepromazine , is a sedative effect antipsychotic, synthesized several decades ago to treat schizophrenia and psychosis . In fact, it is a derivative of the first drug that appeared against psychosis, in the 1950s: chlorpromazine. Today Sinogan is considered an outdated drug, and psychiatrists use another type of treatment: second generation antipsychotics, which have softer side effects and are better tolerated. In addition, levomepromazine can be prescribed as a sonmiferous, to help sleep in certain cases of severe insomnia, as the sedative effect is very strong. Also in patients with bipolar disorder it can be prescribed, almost always with other treatments, such as a tranquilizer, to control the episodes of delirium and agitation that these patients suffer.

How does this drug work?

Its effect occurs by blocking a wide variety of receptors that are in our brain, including adrenergic agents, dopamine (which are the chemical transmitters of nerve impulses), histamine, acetylcholine and serotonin. Levomepromazine blocks these receptors and prevents overstimulation of some states , thus helping to control mental illness, whatever.

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What is the usual dose?

The usual dose is between 25 and 50 milligrams daily, but if necessary, about 100 milligrams have been administered, although this amount is normally used only in hospitalized patients. A gram can be considered an exaggerated (dangerous) dose, as it would compromise cardiac function. The most common presentation of this medicine is in drops. Its side effects include abnormal movements (dyskinesia), inability to remain still (acatisia), abnormalities in the electrical cycle of the heart and low blood pressure.

When is it used together with lithium?

In patients with bipolar disorder, levomepromazine can be administered together with lithium, indicated to balance the passage of euphoric to depressive phases characteristic of this condition. The dose of lithium that is usually prescribed is 400 mg 2/3 times a day.

Is it dangerous to mix both compounds?

Every month or so, doctors check the blood level of this chemical compound (lithium), because if it is high, it can be toxic, and if it is too low, there is also a risk of toxicity. A mixture of the two drugs (Sinogan and lithium) at high doses can be compromising, because it would affect the electrolytes, and the alteration in the body of sodium and potassium levels could produce a fatal metabolic effect.

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