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Alfredo Hernández , a 54-year-old neighbor of Cercedilla, was scared to hear on the news last Sunday, September 1, that Blanca Fernández Ochoa's car, which had been missing for a family for a week, had just appeared parked in Las Dehesas, Very close to the population.

The previous day, at night, the National Police had issued a call for citizen collaboration to locate the Black Mercedes of Blanca, and had made public that the Olympic medalist had been missing since August 23.

Alfredo Hernández had remembered that same night that he saw Blanca on the 23rd, and not only that: he talked to her, walked with her for a moment, and the woman told him where he was going: "Am I going here well to La Peñota? " , was one of the phrases, specifically, says the man.

But on Sunday, when the missing woman's car was found in Las Dehesas, next to Cercedilla, the man had no doubts: by chance, chance had put him on the path of the disappearance of one of the most beloved athletes of the Recent history of Spain.

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So Alfredo, a bricklayer, phoned that same noon last Sunday, September 1, at the Civil Guard headquarters in the town. "But nobody took, they must be very busy," he tells EL MUNDO. Then, knowing that he could give a key clue to locate Fernández Ochoa, he phoned the local Cercedilla Police .

"What happened there? Well, nothing, I got the data, name, ID, etc, and I said that I had seen her on the 23rd, and that she had told me that she was going to La Peñota," explains the man. "What did they answer me? Thank you very much, they would call me ." And that's it.

As the hours passed, no one called and the Hernández began to get impatient, Jeni , Alfredo's daughter, 22, wrote a 'whatsapp' to a local agent from Cercedilla he knows, telling him that his father had information that he believed valuable about White.

The information: on Friday 23rd, around 12.00-13.00 noon, walking down the street near his house, his father had discovered that Blanca Fernández Ochoa was walking in front of him, about 10 meters, in the same direction. Since the family is as well known in Cercedilla as affordable to the greeting, and even to the talk, Alfredo had resolved to greet the champion.

"It was a very short talk, but he clearly asked me if La Peñota was going well around, and what beautiful views there were from there. Then, when he passed the monolith, he crossed himself and kissed him , I imagine that in I remember his brother, "Alfredo recalls for EL MUNDO. Jeni, in short, transmitted a summary version of this to his local police friend, and told him that his father had already given notice hours before on a regular basis. "My friend told me they would call me, but he was not on duty," Jeni explains, shrugging.

From that moment, Alfredo and Jeni saw from their house, near the Alto de las Cuerdas , next to a monolith that reminds skiers of the area there and especially Paco Fernández Ochoa , how the site was deployed largest search device in the History of the Community of Madrid.

Up to 400 people a day were looking for Blanca on 3,500 hectares around the Fuenfría Valley . Dozens of TV and media moved to the place. A La Peñota was a group of volunteers on Monday 2, and the place was flown with drones. Nothing was found. The patrol, not composed of professionals, stayed 200 meters from Blanca.

This happened Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, when some media began to wonder how long that deployment could be maintained, if the search could last for weeks, and so on. On Wednesday, when Jeni's police friend went back to work, she explains, "she called me and told me what had happened to my father's lead. 'But they haven't even called him!' "I replied. Two hours later the national policemen were in my house. They took my father to the command post, and there he told them that he had seen Blanca go up to La Peñota."

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